COSMONAUT is a dynamic Gold Coast-based agency delivering a broad spectrum of communication services such as media relations, brand and creative development, video production, copywriting, web and print design, social media, content marketing and traditional advertising.

Yikes. Pretty standard answer there, mate.

Yeah well we just needed to get some data across ASAP. Permission to speak from the heart?

Permission granted.

COSMONAUT offers the Gold Coast something new and different. Our core team is based here (in fact everything we do leverages our understanding of the Gold Coast's specific tastes and priorities), but it's our contractors that sets us apart.

We sit in the middle of a creative network encompassing some of Australia's most in-demand art directors, videographers, photographers and media operators. These are major-league creatives who work on national accounts such as banks, supermarkets and airlines.

And we're steering these heavy-hitters to the Gold Coast.

Ooh sounds pricey.

Ah no, this is actually where it gets good! COSMONAUT's operating overheads are extremely low, which means your money gets spent on the work, not stocking our Nespresso pods or paying our studio rent.

COSMONAUT's perfect storm of an impeccable network of collaborators and low overheads means we produce metro or capital city-standard work on your regional marketing or advertising budget.    

Wait wait... so I get these A-team guns doing my work, but it doesn't cost me a cent extra?

Exactly! And we're as excited about the opportunity as you are, simply because we love to deliver beautiful, engaging work to the Gold Coast (probably about as much as you'll love seeing your brand or business in its best possible light).

Okay I'm sold on this COSMONAUT model in theory, but how does it all work in practice?

Hit the process page for a rundown.

We've only just met but it's like we've known each other for years!

Yeah, we actually get that a bit. We're people people.

So, I'm in. I'm way in! Where to from here?

Just give us a call. Phone's always on and we're always up for a chat.