The focus of our work is content and narrative — establishing what you need to say and then strategising the best channels for that message.

We handle everything from overarching campaign strategy down to nitpicky details, like where the commas go and how big your phone number's printed on a brochure (in cases where you actually need a brochure... every client's needs are different).  

When you need to communicate anything to anyone, COSMONAUT's process covers three phases: listen, ask and do.


First we listen to assess your specific communication needs, such as who you want to reach and what you need them to know. You might want to:

  • Get the Gold Coast talking about your business
  • Publicise your upcoming sale or promotion
  • Give your customers warm and fuzzies by doing positive, attention-grabbing things within the community
  • Build credibility through exposure and coverage in mainstream media
  • Refresh your organisation's look with a new logo and website
  • Produce a web video or TV commercial that cuts through to your audience.


Now the fun begins. We ask deeper questions about your communication goals and start a conversation about the most appropriate channels to achieve the result you're after.

Here's where our expertise comes into play, as does our focus on cost-effective tactics that produce the best return on investment.

You might need an ad campaign, some straight PR, a social media push or an integrated campaign with a cohesive message across mixed media.

We also engage appropriate external suppliers and creatives as the job specifics take shape. 


We do while keeping you engaged and looped-in at all times!

Specific marketing goals are achieved and your communications needs are met.

Crucially, we manage each project end-to-end, allowing you and your team to stay focused on your jobs while we put plans into action. 

Contact us to get started.